Catmaster Glove

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Scratched hands? No thanks!

  • protects your hands from cat’s claws and teeth
  • makes cats unlearn playing with hands
  • makes the play safe
  • provide cats with suitable activity for him
  • helpful while trimming claws and giving medicines
  • helpful while caring for aggressive cats
  • acts as distance toy and safe contact toy at once
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CatMaster Glove

Do you love playing with your cat, but his sharp claws hurt your hands? Maybe your kitty is keeping you up at night because that?s when he feels like going a little nuts? Catmaster is a simple solution for your problems!

Why does cat scratch me?

Animal psychologists agree that scratching is a cat?s natural need. They scratch to sharpen their paws. They scratch to let off steam. They scratch, well, because they are bored! That?s when you have to provide them with some fun activities.
Cats love to play-fight. When your hand happens to be the victim, you are in for some painful biting and scratching. For them ? it?s fun. For you ? pure torture.

It’s all just fun!

Cats are not aware that it?s painful for you. That?s how they play with their siblings. But their fur protects them from pain. You lack such armour. What should you do then? Avoid playing with your cat? Certainly not! Cats need fun that is suitable for them. They need to hunt, fight and enjoy the victory. That?s why a bit of wrestling with other cats or their human parents is the best way to spend their leisure time.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

So how to prevent it? We had similar problems with our little buddy. We tried to wean our cat off playing with hands, but it just got worse. He became increasingly aggressive and even an innocent attempt at petting him ended in painful scratches. That?s why we created CatMaster glove ? a specialised protective glove designed to play with your cat, first in Poland! Or even maybe in the whole world!

How CatMaster works?

We created CatMaster because we were fed up with scratched hands. It soon turned out that CatMaster worked much better than we expected. We were surprised to see that our feline friend calmed down, especially at night. We could finally get some quality sleep. At the beginning we were a little worried that using the glove to play with our cat will teach him that it?s alright to scratch and play this way, especially without the glove on. But we couldn?t be more wrong! Our pet almost lost his interest in play-fighting with our hands and arms. He became more cuddly and loves to be stroked and petted. He is happy. We just had to provide him with activities that were suitable for him. No mouse toys, fishing rods, strings or laser pointers gave him as much fun as our CatMaster glove.

Scratched hands? No thanks!

When we were making the glove, we looked at many different materials. Eventually, we found a perfect match. The glove is made with two layers of fabric ? polyester and durable drill. It?s the perfect protection from the cat?s teeth and claws. It?s suitable for majority of cats. For large-breed cats we prepared additional protection >> CatMaster Extreme <<

The product is entirely made in Poland

The cat is happy, my hand is in good shape and we?re having more fun than usual! The order was ready quickly and the seller is easy to contact. Highly recommended!


Brilliant! It?s a must-have toy in every cat?s house. The beginnings were not the easiest. Our kitty used to come up, give it a little sniff, not sure what I wanted from her. When she realised what?s the purpose of the glove, she was mad with joy! There was no end to games and fun! She doesn?t even need a companion anymore. She plays with the string by herself. My hands are finally safe. No scratches and scars. The glove is made of very resistant material, great quality. Even after using it for a few months, it?s still in great shape. Highly recommended!


I bought the glove a few weeks ago. To be honest, when I saw the add on the Internet, I thought: ?You have to be mad to buy something like this for your cat? it?s neither practical, nor as good as the seller says??. A few days later I was on my way to pick it up. The moral is that I?m definitely crazy? about my pet! The glove is doing a great job? my hands are no longer scratched?. The glove is even better when, apart from a cat, you have a toddler at home who loves playing with the cat (and not always in the way our kitty would like it). All in all it?s a great gadget.



Are you still not convinced by the reviews? You can test it by yourself. If you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, we give you the opportunity to return it free of charge within 40 days from receiving the package.

It?s that simple, no catch!


Number of attacks after playing with the glove:

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What would your cat say about CatMaster?


length approx. 56 cm
width below the thumb
17 cm
cuff circumference
approx. 40 cm
length of string
approx. 40 cm
lining fabric material
durable drill (extreme version has double layer of drill)
surface fabric material
65% poliester, 35% bawełna
string material
round rubber, diameter 2 mm
lining color
surface fabric color
white background with black cats and red elements pattern
string color dark



it’s durable
effectively protects from cat?s claws and teeth
it’s looong
protects every hand in full
it’s a mitten
you can put it on either left or right hand, fit for small and large hands
equipped with Velcro
adheres well event to smaller hands
specially profiled
does not slip off
interactive strengthens the bond between a human and a cat
multipurpose helpful also during trimming claws and giving medicine
multifunctional when your pupil gets bored with one fun activity, there?s still a string to play with
fur-resistant material finally there will be one thing in your house not covered in cat hair
pleasant to the touch increases user comfort
it?s cat-print fabric esthetic design makes it all the more pleasant to use
no battery needed muscle-operated, you burn calories while playing with your cat ????


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the glove really claw-proof?

Yes, polyester is a relatively tough fabric. We also added a layer of protective drill. It?s a strong and thick fabric, used in production of workwear, industrial bags and even military clothing. We tested a lot of fabrics before choosing the right ones. CatMaster is totally claw and teeth-proof. If you have a large-breed cat (e.g. maine coon or Norwegian forest cat), check out the Extreme version.


Doesn?t the glove teach the cat that it?s OK to play with human hands?

No. We were worried about that too. After a few months of playing with our cat we can say that the number of times when our pet attacks our hands has decreased. The cat gets enough play time in a way that suits HIM. We even had a problem to take a picture of a scratched arm, because the cat simply wouldn?t scratch it.
The glove changes the perception of the hand. It distorts its shape and cat simply doesn’t associate the glove with hand. The glove doesn’t have such smell and doesn’t emit heat like human hand. And most of all – it protects.

I believe that cats should never be allowed to play with hands.

We agree, because cat that is used to playing with hand, often just doesn’t want to let it out, and the only victim is human. Unfortunately cats are hunters. They have to attack something. If they have the opportunity to go outside to chase birds or rodents, then you probably won?t have this problem. However, if they spend all of their time at home, they may become increasingly frustrated. Can you imagine somebody telling you not to do stuff that is part of your nature? Besides, when cats scratch, they don?t do it on purpose. They do it, because they are not provided with suitable stimulation. Rods and other distance toys are not always able to satisfy cat’s instinct. However, the glove changes the perception of the hand. It distorts its shape and cat simply doesn’t associate the glove with hand. The glove doesn’t have such smell and doesn’t emit heat like human hand <- this mechanism has beed explained to us by a cat psychologist.

Besides, when cats scratch, they don?t do it on purpose. They do it, because they are not provided with suitable stimulation. Few minutes of playing with a toy mouse or a laser pointer is not enough. Cats need to be suitably stimulated to stay happy.

What’s more, the glove not only makes fun better and safer, but also is very helpful while giving medicins and trimming claws.

Can you attach something extra to the string?

Of course. But it does not really make sense. What we observed was that the string itself is more appealing to the cat than a string with a toy attached to it. That?s why we are not producing gloves with an additional toy attached to the string, although we did give it a thought at the beginning.



What if the glove doesn?t work?

If your cat does not take to the glove for some reason, you have 40 days to return it. No hidden catch or extra charges. You don?t like it? You can return it ? it?s that simple! We will refund your money. But give your cat two weeks to get familiar with the toy. A few (now very happy) cats needed just that!



Can I wash the glove?

Yes, you can wash it in a washing machine. There is some useful information on how to wash it on the tag and in the manual (sent together with the CatMaster).

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